Landers Classroom Hero for November: DeAndre Ellis


A Jacksonville teacher has been named the November Classroom Hero in the Landers Auto Group “Do Good, Feel Good” campaign.

The honor goes to DeAndre Ellis, who teaches at Murrell Taylor Elementary where he works with K-5th grade scholars as they create and meet some of their life goals.

The nominations citing Ellis for the honor described him this way: “Mr. Ellis is an amazing, under-appreciated CBI Professional. He has been with the school system for 14 years. He goes above and beyond the call of duty for his students. During the holidays, he donates food and purchases gifts for less fortunate students. He is always giving to his students without hesitation.”

“I believe DeAndre is a hero because he always puts children first. He believes it is important to have student-teacher relationships. He makes sure the students know they can do anything they put their minds to. He encourages them until they no longer see a teacher, but a person who cares about their future. He always remains a positive role model. I have watched DeAndre go above and beyond by making sure the students at his school have food, water, transportation, and someone to listen to; especially during COVID. Not only does he take care of the students at his school, but makes sure he attends volleyball/basketball games, he contributes in fundraisers from other students from different schools in the community. I believe DeAndre is a hero because he not only impacts the students at Murrell Taylor elementary in a positive way, but his community as well.”

“It gives me great honor and pleasure to nominate Mr. DeAndre Classroom Hero. I’ve known Mr. Ellis for many years. He had ALWAYS demonstrated his love & passion to help children. Mr. Ellis has worked with Easter Seals for many years. Watching him working with the participants is AMAZING. Mr. Ellis is a very giving person. I personally watched Mr. Ellis buy gifts for his students, throw birthday parties, and take them to the library. The fact that he spends his own money is not a factor, it’s the amount of his personal time he dedicates to his students. As a friend, I notice how gentle and kind he is with little ones too.”

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