SHERIDAN, Ark.- Parents in Sheridan are furious after a possible drug exposure on the middle school campus.

According to police, a student got sick after eating a piece of chocolate that she believed was laced with drugs.

Now, several middle school students are suspended, according to parents. Those parents, along with community members, are banding together to fight the suspension.

“There’s no proof anywhere of anything,” community member Glenn Strong said. “At this point, we don’t know for sure if there was drugs on the school campus. The police have no drugs.”

Strong is a former school board member who now advocates for families in Sheridan. He describes this whole scenario as a case of “he said, she said.”

“A lot of talk, a lot of rumors and there’s no proof anywhere of anything,” Strong said.

Sheridan police say officers were called to the school for a teen who was vomiting, excessively talking and saying she was going to faint. The officers said the girl told then she ate a piece of chocolate that she got from another student that she believes contained THC.

Police say this student wasn’t the only one making this claim, adding that another student said she felt faint, was having difficulty breathing and was excessively crying.

A police report shows at least five students were involved.

“My daughter allegedly ate a piece of chocolate that contained THC,” one father of Sheridan Middle School student said. “She swore up and down that she did not know it contained drugs.”

While that parent wants to remain anonymous for the safety of his teen, he did add that after hearing his daughter ate two pieces of chocolate, he drug tested her at home. According to the parent, the test showed the student did not have drugs in her system.

“We have no idea what my daughter was given and neither does the school,” the father said. “Yet she is still suspended for 10 days.”

Both Strong and this parent think the solution is simple.

“The students who had no idea should be returned to class,” the parent said.

“The girls should be reinstated pending a drug test,” Strong added.

Officers with the Sheridan Police Department say they never found the chocolate, noting they are not investigating the situation further.

Meanwhile, the school released a statement on the matter, explaining that they are aware of the incident being investigated and that they are reviewing how to proceed.

“The Sheridan School District is aware of the incident described in the police report. After the incident at the track meet, the building administrators conducted an investigation and responded appropriately in accordance with the school district’s student handbook. We are taking this matter very seriously. We are committed to the health and safety of our students. We will not provide any further comment on this matter at this time as the district cannot comment on student disciplinary actions.”