STUTTGART, Ark. – A Stuttgart high school senior with disabilities was voted by her peers on the homecoming court. School officials and the student’s family said it’s a first for the school and they’re thrilled. 

Teanekha Murry is the mother of 18-year-old Winnie White, Murry said white was born with intellectual disabilities, but never let it keep her down. 

Murry said Winnie became an honorary cheerleader 3 years ago, which at the time was the first time a student with disabilities made the cheerleading team.

Now, school officials and White’s family said she had another first, only this time it wasn’t honorary, since her peers voted for her to be on homecoming court. 

“That shows just how much love it is. They don’t care about what you look like, they care about her and she cares about them,” Murry said.

White’s teacher Bridget Neal says knowing it was her classmates who voted for her made it that much more special of a moment. 

“The moment of being recognized, to be included, to feel that we are no different,” Neal said.

Winnie says she was “happy,” when her name was called, she can’t wait for the “parade.”

Murry said she hopes her daughter helps others with disabilities so they can do anything they set their minds to. 

“You have changed my life and I know you will change a lot of people’s lives here,” Murry said.

She also said that White is a caring and happy person. 

“Everyone knows her because she makes herself known, she loves people, she loves church and she is very important,” Murry said.

Murry hopes White will always continue to smile in the future. 

“If we had a heart like hers, this world would be a better place,” Murry said.

Stuttgart High School’s homecoming is on Oct. 20.