Erosion of pool equipment


Your pool equipment is designed to function optimally with well balanced and chemically treated pool water. Maintaining the proper balance and chemical treatment to prevent the growth of algae not only makes your pool more enjoyable to use but also aids in the prevention of mineral deposits in the plumbing. Minerals separate from the unbalanced water and can reduce the flow of water through your equipment. Should this occur, the solution is to drain and refill the pool with fresh water. Pumps, filters, and heaters can all develop problems due to improper maintenance of the equipment. You should also be familiar with the maintenance requirements furnished by the manufacturer and follow them. Remember to treat and clean your equipment as often as you treat your pool. Checking for build-ups of debris in the filter, baskets, and skimmers will allow for proper water flow through the filtration system. Monitor the water speed through your pipes, your pump should not pump the water faster than the rate your pipes are able to carry. Your local pool professional can provide additional information to prevent the deterioration of your pool equipment.

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