Even After Demolition, Hotel Fire Investigation Continues

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HOT SPRINGS, AR — It was one week ago today, a blaze destroyed the historic Majestic Hotel in downtown Hot Springs.

And just a couple days later, due to safety reasons, crews demolished the building.

But the fire chief says he’s still certain a cause will be discovered.

Right now, investigators are interviewing people known to trespass on the property, including the homeless.

With no utilities in the yellow brick portion of the hotel, Chief Davis says he’s pretty sure someone started the fire.

But right now, he doesn’t know if it was an accident or on purpose.

And rounding up everyone, who could know something, is proving difficult.

Chief Davis said, “It’s kind of difficult to run them down. There’s not exactly a guestbook they sign in and out of the Majestic Hotel with.”

Now as far as removing the bricks and debris from the site…a city spokeswoman says that can’t be done until an environmental assessment is finished.

Right now, the city isn’t sure when that will happen.

According to a Hot Springs spokeswoman, the building’s owner is responsible for the cost of the environmental assessment, demolition and clean up.

But with no building insurance, it’s unclear how those hefty bills will be paid.

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