EXCLUSIVE: Arkadelphia head coach speaks about future teammates death in Oklahoma


ARKADELPHIA, Ark.- Its been a couple of days since a group of cross-country runners in Oklahoma were struck by a truck.

Police say the Moore cross-country team were practicing near the high school when Max Townsend plowed his car into them and didn’t stop for blocks.

Senior Rachel Freeman and sophomore Yuridia Martinez were killed.

Freeman planned on attending Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia in the fall.

“Knowing her I can see her laughing and coming around the corner and just being excited with the team on the sidewalk and the next thing shes not there and it’s just that short,” said Steve Guymon, Head cross-country and track coach.

Coach Steve Guymon said he thought of Freeman as part of their team and family already.

When she came for a visit in the fall, she fit right in and kept in constant communication so the whole team is grieving right now.

“She just felt like part of us already,” said Guymon. “she just had this pleasant voice, she just made you feel good and she just drew me to her and I really wanted to try to get her here.”

Guymon wasn’t the only one who was drawn to Freeman, team captain Jorie Beaumont said the same thing.

“She just had this bright Godly personality about her, everything about her was so welcoming and she had this smile that was just ridiculous,” said Jorie Beaumont, Team Captain.

After one weekend with the team, Freeman decided OBU was the place for her.

Until recently, tragedy struck.

“Have you heard what happened to Rachel Freeman? I said no I haven’t and she told me that she….. your not supposed to do this on camera…. She told me she had been hit by a truck,” said Guymon, “I think God had other plans. He just wanted to add more angles to his population so he decided that was the time. Selfishly I wish he would have waited a little bit. “

Guymon said the team is having a jersey made with Freeman across the front. The team will be signing the jersey and putting it into a frame for the family.

Guymon said it’s their way of showing that Freeman is a tiger and will always be part of their family.

“I just hope that something that we do can really show and remind them of the great human being she was as a person and that shes not remembered for the way that she died but shes remembered for having that wonderful personality, ” said Beaumont.

As for the driver, he is facing two counts of manslaughter and six counts of fleeing the scene of an accident.

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