Conway,Ark.-Students and faculty at The University of Central Arkansas have teamed up to spark conversation about sexual assault. 
The campus display called, “What Were You Wearing” features clothing and stories from current students at UCA who are share their experiences with the crime.  
 According to one of the exhibit director’s,  Bryttani Bartlett, she hopes that by shedding light on this issue, others will feel empowered. 
“It’s just creating this response and people being able to see like wow this could happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are what you are wearing,” said Bartlett. 
“If are a victim of sexual abuse and you were told not to talk about it or the first person you tell ignores you or tells you to stay quite find somebody else keep talking until somebody hears you,” explained UCA’s Consuling Center director Dr.Susan Sobel.
The university encourages students to come talk to them. Sobel also notes the university has a number of resources for students.
On Thursday, April 11th, the display is hosting a free open mic night to the public at the exhibit. They encourage everyone to come share their story. 
The display will be available until April 16th.