Exhibits and displays


The most important word to remember when you are involved in moving exhibits and displays is ‘organization.’ Generally an exhibit or display must not only be in a certain place by a certain time, but it must also be there in one piece and set up both swiftly and correctly. In order for this to be accomplished, there are some basic points you will need to keep in mind. Generally, the lighter the load the larger the container can be. Conversely, if the object is heavy, a smaller box must be used. It is vitally important for both packing and delivery that all equipment and containers be clearly marked. This can be done with numbers, of course, but you can also color code your items for quicker and more accurate packing, unloading and set-up. If using a moving company, it is recommended that you look for one with expertise in handling exhibits and displays. They will have the most experience in this type of move, and they will be able to advise you as to any extra steps you can take to make the move go smoothly. You may also want to consider purchasing an ‘on-time’ service option, which will guarantee your exhibit or display arrives on time. For more information on moving exhibits and displays, contact a professional moving company in your area.

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