Facebook Woes Keep Growing


WASHINGTON, D.C.–Facebook’s list of problems keeps growing.

The company was reportedly involved in questionable opposition research tactics.

And one senator says Facebook isn’t necessarily protecting people’s privacy like the company said it would.  

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Congress his company would do a better job to stop Russians from spreading fake news on its platform.

Instead The New York Times reports Facebook hired an opposition research firm to dig up dirt on its critics.  The social media site possibly spread fake news about them: including the very senators who were pressing Facebook to clean up its act…

Sen. Ron Wyden, Democrat-Ore. says, “I started asking questions on these issues of Facebook a long time ago.”

Wyden says Facebook promised to take additional steps to protect people’s privacy as well as tighten controls on how personal information is used by  third parties like phone companies retailers and manufacturers.

“Now it is clear that audits show that that’s not been the case,” Wyden adds.

Some critics say Mark Zuckerberg should step down as Facebook’s CEO.  Wyden says he’ll introduce a bill to penalize social media companies that don’t protect people’s personal information.

Wyden says, “Then instead of laws that are mush, there would be real teeth in enforcement.”

California Congresswoman Jackie Speier says at minimum Facebook users should be able to select stronger privacy settings.

Speier. “And maybe pay for it. But I don’t want my information being sold.”

In a series of statements Facebook says its top executives did not know about the shady opposition research and that the company is committed to transparency.

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