Fall start-up tips


To increase the energy efficiency of heating systems, proper maintenance is necessary. The heating system should be checked every fall by a professional, and routine maintenance should be done by the homeowner. If you have an oil-fired system, you should regularly: * Clean the oil lines and filters. * Check all leads, connections, and valves for leaks. * If a yellow flame appears at the burner or excess smoke from the chimney appears, the burner will need adjusting. This should be done by a heating professional. If you have a gas-fired furnace, regularly check to: * Make sure a clear blue flame consistently appears. * Remove rust and soot from the heat exchanger as soon as you see it to prevent build up. * Light the pilot light and leave it lit to reduce corrosion. * Replace stacks that have leaks. Every heating system is different, and models will vary. Contact your local heating professional for more specific information.

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