Family Car Burglarized & Shot at by Thieves



A family wakes up to gunshots, after brazen thieves fire two shots through their car. Scott head and his wife – Christina – were inside their Jacksonville home when they heard gunshots.

“It was two loud pops real quick,” says Scott Head. “I came around the corner of the hallway and saw two people going through her van.”

Head says he immediately called police.”We’ve never heard of gunshots happening in this area,” says Heads wife, Christina. “It was definitely concerning.”

The couple says the thieves shot twice through their locked car and threw bricks through the driver side window – leaving shards of glass inside and out. “I made sure the vehicle was locked but I still had my purse and wallet in there and that’s what they went for,” she says.

Worried about his neighbors….Head shared the news of the break-ins on a Facebook group post. That’s when several others living in the  community started to chime in.

One post reads, “Make sure you guys are locking your cars. Had someone go through my car last night.”

“It does make me want to build  a garage instead of a carport,” says Christina Head. “To make sure what we have is protected.”

An added sense of security in their home of almost 11 years.”So we don’t have to put bikes on bike locks,” she says. “So we can leave them there, and know that they are not going to disappear in the middle of the night.” They’re hoping they don’t hear gunshots in the middle of the night – anytime soon. “It was definitely nerve wracking.”

Although multiple people commented on heads Facebook post about car break – ins – Jacksonville police say they could only confirm one reported incident. They are urging anyone whose car has been broken into – to immediately report it to police – even if nothing was taken or damaged.

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