Family of Shooting Survivor Receives Christmas Gifts


LITTLE ROCK, ARk.-It’s been more than a month since three people were shot and killed in the Capital City, only one person survived in that shooting.

Little Rock police still searching for 21-year-old Joshua Milik Williams
Williams has been identified as a suspect.

A local group is making it their mission to give back to the family of the only survivor of that quadruple shooting.

The family said it’s been un-imaginable past month. Their son was shot several times. They said it’s a blessing he is alive this holiday.

This family is soon to be full of Christmas cheer.

“It’s an unexpected blessings we are fortunate to have people that care so it’s a blessing all in one,” the woman said.

The family doesn’t want their identity revealed because their son is the sole survivor of a November Quadruple shooting. The family has been receiving death threats and their home has been shot up.

“Everything is being compromised by the situation our daily lives has just been really interrupted,” the woman said.

Her son was shot 7 times, had two major surgeries since the shooting and he’s dealing with loss of his girlfriend.

“Questioning why he is alive and why did he survive,” the woman said.

The family received Christmas meals and gifts for their eight kids from the Ikarus Youth Community Group. The family said it makes Christmas easier during tough times.

“Everyday it’s going to be a step closer to getting better it’s taking one day at a time he has moments where he breaks out in tears,” the woman said.

As the family tries to turn a new leaf in 2019. They’re hoping for justice and the suspect Joshua Milik Williams to turn himself in.

“It would mean the world to me that something that is in my prayers each and everyday. I haven’t stopped until not only my son first and foremost the other victims families get that complete closure,” the woman said.

There is a $50,000 cash reward for any information and remember you can remain anonymous.
If you know anything call the Little Rock Police Department.

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