WHITE COUNTY, Ark. – For several families, Halloween night is not all fun and games. In fact, it brings back incredibly hard memories.

Halloween night, 2022 marks seven years since four girls were killed in a tragic car accident in White County.

Sydney, Lexi, Codi, and Brooke were found dead after their car hit a guardrail and crashed into a tree on Halloween night in 2015.

“They were all too young,” said Brooke’s dad, Blake Butler. “Brooke was the youngest and she was mine so of course, I’m going to say she went too early.”

Butler said his daughter, Brooke was just 15 when she died in the wreck.

Toxicology reports show alcohol was in all four of the girls, but Blake said he cannot focus on what could have been different. Instead, he is focusing on the best way to remember his daughter.

“She loved to love,” he said. “Then, she found God and then that really just kind of blossomed.”

Butler said his daughter’s legacy goes as far as Peru, where she loved to serve.

“There’s a 50-passenger boat that is carrying food, and saving people, and rescuing people from floods and it’s emblazoned with ‘Kayla Brooke’ down the side,” Butler said.

Butler said he is also focused on how to spread the message that she would want everyone to know today.

“More than anything, I think she would want people to know that God is love,” Butler said.

One of the four girls in the car that died that night was Sydney Shumate.

Her mom has since started a campaign called Stop Youth Drinking… the acronym is ‘SYD’.