Family speaks out, accuses woman of pulling gun outside Little Rock elementary school


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A family is sharing their story after they said they were threatened by someone with a gun outside a Little Rock school. 

The family comes to Meadowcliff Elementary school 5 times a week to pick up three students, but they said they never imagined being in an altercation where someone would pull out a gun.

When Axel and his dad were waiting in a carpool line outside of MeadowCliff Elementary Tuesday, they noticed someone try to cut the line.

“This lady cut my dad off and three other vehicles,” Axel said.

That person later identified as another parent trying to drive around the carpool waiting line to pick up students, according to Little Rock School District. 

“My dad honked at her, and caught up to her,” Axel said. “He was trying to figure out what was wrong with her, if she was okay. If she was under the influence or something, because she was going fast.”

Axel said that’s when the woman pulled out a gun and made threats.

“That’s when she said she was going to kill both of us, next time she saw us,” Axel said.

He said he didn’t say anything to the woman and at that point he and his father were shaken up.

“I immediately called the cops, cause I feel like I was in danger,” Axel said. “My dad was in danger but not just us, all the little kids and teachers and staff.”

LRSD released a statement in regards to the situation that said “No students were present at the time because the dismal bell has not rung,” and “LRPD and LRSD school security was immediately called and responded.”

Meanwhile Axel and his family still have a lot of questions.

“Why would you bring a gun to school?” Axel asked. “You would think she would wait like the rest of the parents, we were waiting there for 10 minutes.”

Axel and his family said they are nervous about going back up to the school and possibly seeing this woman again.

As of now Little Rock police say there are no charges against the woman but they are investigating and that could change.

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