LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It’s been nearly eight years since UALR student, Patricia Guardado disappeared in broad daylight. Her body was found days later in a pond.

“It’s hard and its the sadness that’s just turned into so much anger at this point that I just don’t understand how it’s been so long and how we still don’t know anything,” said Gloria Guardado, Patricia’s little sister.

Gloria was only a sixth-grader at the time of the disappearance. However, she remembers every detail from October 12, 2011.

“We knew something was wrong because it was not like her,” said Gloria.

“8:30 she left to go to school, her class was at 9 on October 12th and she never came back,” said Leonor Garcia, Patricia’s Mother.

Leonor said when Patricia didn’t come home for dinner and didn’t call to explain why she was late, the family knew something was wrong.

Each family member went out searching for her car, calling family friends, and even checking hospitals for car accidents in the area.

Hours later, Gloria and her mother found Patricia’s car parked near the UALR campus behind the Burger King.

“We kind of looked inside and everything was gone, her backpack, her purse, textbooks everything. She was perfectly parked in the spot like it was a normal day for her,” said Gloria.

After finding the car, they called the police. However, police told the Guardado family they needed to wait 48 hours before filing a missing person report.

“There was nothing, it was just like she disappeared,” said Gloria.

At this time the family took matters into their own hands by gathering family members to pass out flyers on campus and around Little Rock.

Four days later, fishermen found her body floating in a water-filled rock quarry near Sweet Home.

Her textbooks, purse, backpack and car keys were never found.

“I have four other kids and I love all of them but the place Patricia held in my heart is just too big,” said Leonor.

“Now with so many years passing, the sadness turns into anger because it just seems impossible that it’s the perfect crime because I know there isn’t,” said Gloria.

The family regularly visits the cemetery, bringing flowers, graduation tassels and angels. Hoping one day to have answers.

“We have hope, its been 8 years and we still have hope, we are not planning on giving up anytime soon. We know someone knows something and someone saw something,” said Leonor, “We pray that one day we will have the closure that we all need.”

At this time, no one has been charged in the death of Patricia.

The family often visits the police department making sure the case doesn’t get forgotten.

There is still a $10,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest.

If you have any information, call the major crimes hotline at 501-371-4660.