Father figure helps guide teens’ paths away from trouble


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A local man, who’s been in and out of the prison system, says he lost his sons to the streets because he was in prison. 

Today, Raymond Johnson says he’s doing everything he can to prevent more teenagers from committing violence by sharing his experiences with them. 

He was shot during a drive-by before he was sent to prison, leaving him paralyzed.  

“I’m not here to be a father figure for them so society was not helping them out. The parents have to come together and get the kids because if we don’t’ you have to start in the home,” says Raymond Johnson.

Johnson has five sons, some are in prison now–one of them on a murder charge. 

He says if young boys have a father-figure in life, it can prevent them from being on the street and associating with people they shouldn’t be. 

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