Father of murdered son: ‘His legacy lives on through me’


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Grey clouds and water covering Asher is no match for who’s inside Fresh and Tight Barbershop.

“Because of my experiences, I have something to share with the younger generation,” says Fresh and Tight Barbershop owner Leonard Hall.

Hall says relating to people starts with listening to who’s in his chair.

“People need a place they can go to and call home, that we can go to and feel comfortable at without feeling like you’re going to be in a drive-by,” says Hall.

He had plans for his son, Leonard Hall Jr., to take over the barbershop.

“He had just finished barber school at the time that he was murdered,” says Hall.

Stephon Hall says he was 13-years-old when his brother was murdered.

Stephon says his father has turned Fresh and Tight into a safe haven for all to prevent future violence.

“He invites them in, he mentors them, he gives them food, snacks just to get them off the street,” says Stephon.

Hall says if he can reach one young man’s life, then he did his job.

He says the barbershop has a bigger purpose than the business itself.

“His [son] legacy lives on through me,” says Hall.

Hall says police did arrest his son’s killer and adds the man has already been released.

The barbershop isn’t the only thing at that location on Asher, there’s also a salon run by Hall’s wife, a shoe shine, a health center and a catering service downstairs where community dinners are held occasionally.

If you’d like to book an appointment with Hall, message him on Facebook.

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