Father Warns Others of Social Media Dangers After Son Receives Death Threat

LITTLE ROCK, AR — A central Arkansas parent says Russellville police arrived at his home early this week to gather information from his son. The man says the officers came after a student posts an online threat targeting his son and others at a Russellville Middle School

“It’s a hard pill to swallow knowing that things like that can happen at anytime like that,” Mike Pounders said.

He says police arrived at his home around 1 a.m. Monday.

“I thought, ‘What has he done? Has he snuck out?’ They said, ‘He’s done nothing wrong, but we’ve detected some activity talking about a shooting at the school,'” Pounders said.

Because of the threat, he decided not to let his son go to school Monday. Thursday was his first full day back.

Police say nothing came from the threat stemming from the site, ask.fm.

As a result, investigators arrested two juvenile girls.

Now Pounders wants to let other parents know the harm that can come from the Internet.

“You have to be part of social media,” he advised. “That’s how the world is nowadays. But I would be very selective on what you allow your kids to use.”

Pounders says his son did know about the threat before police arrived but didn’t tell anyone because he was afraid.

So he wants to let other parents know to have conversations with your child about threats made on social media and the importance of speaking up.

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