FBI misconduct alleged in AR politician’s court motion to dismiss indictment


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Former state senator Jeremy Hutchinson has filed a motion in federal court to dismiss a felony indictment that accuses him of using campaign money for personal expenses.

Hutchinson’s motion cites allegations of misconduct by the FBI in the investigation he claims began with an illegal search of his laptop and ended with the destruction of exculpatory evidence to cover up government misconduct.  

His father, former U.S. Sen. Tim Hutchinson is giving support to his son’s motion via the letter posted in full below:
Dear Friends-

I write to you today as a father and as a concerned citizen.  One of my sons, Jeremy, faces indictment on alleged campaign fund and tax violations. These allegations are unfounded. Jeremy pleaded innocent to these charges. Today Jeremy’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss all charges. The motion is attached. A second attachment contains a joint statement by attorneys, Tim Dudley of Little Rock; Marc Mukasey of New York and Nate Muyskens of Washington, D.C.

When I learned the facts of Jeremy’s case (outlined in the Motion to Dismiss), I was shocked, stunned and outraged at the FBI conduct. I hope you will read the Motion. I believe you will share my dismay. The FBI used coercive interviews, a warrantless search of Jeremy’s stolen laptop; the destruction of the laptop and the exculpatory evidence it contained which Jeremy needs to defend himself and the blatant violation of attorney client privilege.

Jeremy has served the State of Arkansas honorably for 18 years. He served as a part time prosecutor, as a State legislator for 14 years and before his recent resignation he was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

All my life I have been a supporter of law enforcement and I still am. But Jeremy’s experience has alarmed and shocked me. I was taught to admire and respect the FBI. I have a son who is an FBI agent. And I am very proud of his dedicated and sacrificial service. He puts his life on the line every day.  But Jeremy’s experience scares me and I think will scare all who respect constitutional rights.

I have become good friends with a number of great FBI agents. I honor their service and professionalism. But a few years ago I was visiting with an agent who was working public corruption. I was taken aback when he said, “all politicians are corrupt. It is just a matter of whether we can prove it.” I have known many politicians both State and Federal. The vast majority without regard to party serve honestly and honorably and love our Country. They make mistakes (and Jeremy has made his share) but they are law abiding and so is Jeremy.

The power the FBI  and the Department of Justice has to enforce the law is a trust, yet that trust can be abused. When it is, reputations are stained; families wrecked and lives destroyed. In Jeremy’s case, the indictment itself, presumption of innocence notwithstanding, has cast a shadow over him costing him his livelihood, his position, his reputation, his clients and many of his friends.

Jeremy’s reputation is now forever besmirched. But I am resolved to defend him and fight for justice.

Tim Hutchinson
(US House 93-96; US Senate 97-03)

Click here to read Hutchinson’s court motion.

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