Fight on Beebe school bus leads to victim seeking the process of juvenile court


BEEBE, Ark. – A fight that was recorded by students on a Beebe school bus sent one of their students to the hospital and suspended the other.

In the video that was recorded by the students you see two students that are sitting by each other, one backed into the corner with her arms being held. Then comes kicking and punching.

“As my child is being hit in the head repeatedly you can hear the knocking sound of her head being beat against the wall and the music just goes up,” says Victoria Parson the parent of the child who got hit.

A police report that was filed says that the fight started with an accusation of tripping before escalating to one student who tried to pry a video game out of another students hands, and ended with punches being thrown.

11-year-old Avery Smith who had gotten hit says that “There was a knot in my head right here, it’s still bruised but not bumpy.”

Avery was taken to the hospital and according to Parson she had a mark on her nose, two knots on her head, and the discharge paperwork from the hospital says that her final diagnosis was a head injury.

Avery says that several of the students took videos of the incident.

“I would have rather have somebody step in and pull her off but everybody was too scared,” says Avery.

Parsons said “I opened the video and I immediately started crying and my heart sank into my stomach and I wanted to throw up. Seeing your child being attacked like that is something no parent should ever have to witness.”

The mother of the child who started the fight broke into tears talking about the fight.

“She isn’t raised that way,” says Brooke West Jayla’s mother.

She says that Jayla had been suspended before, but that hasn’t stopped the violence.

“She’s been pretty bad and that just took it to the extremes,” says West.

Brooke says that Jayla is suspended from school until October 14 and suspended from riding the bus indefinitely.

Brooke doesn’t think that the suspension is enough. She’s looking into putting Jayla into a juvenile detention in hopes of scaring her straight. In the meantime, she’s grounded.

As for Avery and Victoria they’re starting the process to juvenile court.

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