PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. – Every day firefighters get called out to help people when they desperately need it. 
That’s exactly what the Arch Street Volunteer Fire Department did when it was called to a house fire on Wednesday. Little did they know, there would save something they never expected to. 
Every day Dustin Crist’s job is to save people, property and sometimes pets as a firefighter at Arch Street Volunteer Fire Department. It was no different on Wednesday. 
A house on Arch Street in Pulaski County went up in flames. Crews worked quickly to get the fire out. They thought it was a typical call, but they were wrong.
“Probably five minutes later the home owner approaches me and lets me know she has two ball pythons that are still in the structure,” said Crist. “I grabbed another fireman, we went in and grabbed them both out.”
“That was pretty cool to watch him come out with those two snakes,” said firefighter Ryan Leblanc. 
Crist says it was a split second decision to save them, “The only thing we could do was reach in and get them. I was walking out with one wrapped around my hand.” 
He says the homeowners and snakes are fine. The fire damage is primarily to the front of the house. 
“When we left they were slithering around on their owners hands,” said Crist. 
Crist has a history of pulling pets from fires. About four years ago he pulled a dog out and did CPR on it, and got it back to life. He says it’s just his job, no matter what he has to save.