Flash flooding pours into Arkadelphia businesses, forces road closures


ARKADELPHIA, Ark. – Relentless rain turned into flooding overnight in Clark County, and it left behind quite a mess. Rain continued on and off all day near the south side of town along 7th Street, which sent water into several businesses, including Falk Plumbing Supply.

Regional manager Kaleb Givens cycled through mops, shop vacs and fans in an effort to dry things out.

“Just trying to get all the boxes that got everything wet on the bottom,” Givens says. “The shelves were alright being that they were up just a bit. So it looks like about six inches of water got in here.”

His shop was one of several that found themselves battling heavy rain in a short amount of time.

Photos posted to social media from the area reveal parking lots turned into ponds.

“We’ve got the drainage down here it’s just it takes so long,” Givens says. “It fills up so quick it just can’t keep up with it to drain it out.”

By Tuesday afternoon a lot of the water had receded. But for some, the stain was still there.

“Try to assess whatever losses we do have,” Givens says. “Nothing too bad though.”

The city of Arkadelphia also suffered a water pipe break during the rain, which prompted a boil order notice that remained in effect Tuesday.

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