Flooding in Cabot Causing Neighbors Concern


CABOT, Ark.– Rainfall continued Saturday as as worries continued in one Cabot neighborhood. 

Waters waved too close for comfort to neighbors who live in one Cabot cul-de-sac and neighbors said it’s not the first time.

Neighbors told us they think the city holds the solution to the problem. 

They also said it doesn’t flood every times it rains; but, when it does about once a year it’s nerve racking.

Even with rain falling at on Jackson Park Cove the road looked a lot different Saturday than it did the night before. 

Sandi Burns said, “I’ve told my neighbors next time it happens wake me up.” 

Burns isn’t sure how she slept through the flooding or the flood of calls Friday night from neighbors. 

“I was a nervous wreck because this isn’t the first time it’s happened and we’ve only lived here for 2 years,” she said.

Her next door neighbor said he’s upset and concerned too.

Chris Jennings described Friday night, “I mean it looked like I was up at the lake.”

Jennings said his car got damaged when it flooded in the same spot last year. 

He described the damage, “It as all the way up to the seats.”

Neighbors told us 3 times in about 4 years they’ve seen the dead end flood. They’re convinced there’s draining issues that the city could fix behind their homes. 

“I think this is part of the issue this is the retention pond,” Burns said. 

She said the city of Cabot hasn’t mowed it in months. 

“All of this is suppose to be cleaned out,” her neighbor across the street showed us.

He along with other neighbors said there should be a drainage easement.

Jennings said, “Either it’s over grown (or) the pipe is full or anything but the city wont come look at it.”

Neighborhood kids enjoyed the rain Saturday. 

“If the city doesn’t do something then my house is going to flood,” Burns said.

Parent hope they’ll eventually be able to enjoy the rain too.  

People who live in the area told me they’ve reached out to the city before but couldn’t get any help.

City Hall is closed on weekends.

We still reached out to the mayor by email on Saturday night. As of this web story we have not heard back. 

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