Forever Postmortem: Ioan Gruffudd and Judd Hirsch on Adam’s Emotional Return

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Ioan Gruffudd, Judd Hirsch | Photo Credits: Giovanni Rufino/ABC

[Warning: The following contains spoiler’s from Tuesday’s episode of Forever.Read at your own risk!]

Adam returned to Forever on Tuesday for the first time since setting Henry (Ioan Gruffudd) up for murder in the midseason finale. But instead of stirring up trouble for his fellow immortal, Adam did something unheard of: He helped. Of course someone still ended up dead in the end, but Adam also gave Abe the key to discovering who his parents were.

“It’s interesting, because honestly when I first heard he was coming back and when I read how he was coming back I was a bit disappointed,” Gruffudd tells, “because it’s not a big dramatic entrance and it’s not a big sort of stand-off as we had before Christmas. … [Adam’s] actually helping [Henry] out with a case this time and does something quite sweet for Henry and Abe’s relationship, which is a bit sinister on one level but is actually quite altruistic on another level.”

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Adds Judd Hirsch: “[Abe] was damn scared when he heard about who the guy was that brought him the book.” But after learning of Adam’s own past in the concentration camps, Hirsch says that Abe and Henry will begin to look at the supposed villain with a new perspective.

“When they made him also a victim of the Holocaust, of the Nazis, that struck me very, very deeply,” Hirsch says. “Now we’ve got more than just a man in the shadows.

“It’s really quite troubling that Henry is going to now think better of him and I’m worried about what’s going to happen toward the end of the season,” Gruffudd adds.

However, Gruffudd warns viewers to keep their guard up about Adam and not to sympathize with him too much. “Whether or not that’s in fact the reality or he’s spinning us a tale or maybe he was part of the regime we don’t really know. He was experimented upon according to Adam, but maybe he was lulling Henry into a false sense of security,” Gruffudd says.

What did you think of the Adam reveal? Do you sympathize with him more now?

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