LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The presidential campaign manager for Asa Hutchinson is stepping down.

Former Governor Asa Hutchinson confirms his campaign is going forward, but with a change in campaign leadership.

Campaign manager Rob Burgess will leave the job at the end of the month.

Hutchinson notes that five republican candidates have dropped out of the race for president.

“Clearly I am working hard to win votes and to increase my voting percentages, particularly in the early states,” Hutchinson told The Associated Press. “It’s not unusual for a campaign to have a midcourse adjustment and that’s what you’ll be seeing here with Rob’s departure and with readjustments that we’ll make in the campaign staff.”

Hutchinson said that the first votes in the Republican nomination process will be cast in the Iowa Caucus on January 15th. He also said he remains determined to keep the campaign going and will be traveling to New Hampshire.

The latest candidate to drop out is former Vice President Mike Pence who made the announcement during a speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition Conference Saturday.

Hutchinson said he watched the speech and appreciated what Pence had to say regarding Israel and the conflict in the Middle East and wished Mike Pence and his wife Karen well.

Hutchinson says the replacement for campaign manager has yet to be determined.

The 2024 election is just over one year from now.