Former Fayetteville Superintendent Files Lawsuit Over Sexual Harassment Firing

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — Former Fayetteville Public Schools superintendent Dr. Matthew Wendt has filed a lawsuit against an individual based on his being fired for sexual harassment.

Wendt, through his lawyer Randy Coleman, filed a lawsuit against the individual for an amount no less than $850,000.

The lawsuit states the following:

29. Plaintiff had valid contract or business expectancy; Defendant knew of the contract or business expectancy; Defendant intentionally and improperly, without privilege, interfered with and induced or caused the disruption or termination of the contract or business expectancy; and the interference, disruption or termination proximately damaged Plaintiff. 

30. As a proximate result of the wrongful conduct of Defendant, Plaintiff has been terminated from his employment Contract in Exhibit A. Plaintiff has lost his annual base compensation of $231,080.00 for three (3) years together with compensation incentives and contract benefits over that period of time. This compensation and benefits include salary, retirement contribution, longevity pay, life insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, and auto lease. Plaintiff has been damaged in an amount of not less that $850,000.00. 

31. Additionally, Plaintiff has been damaged in the marketplace for his services with other potential employers. Plaintiff has attempted to mitigate his damages by seeking the same or similar employment. However, Plaintiff has applied for and received over sixtyfive (sic) (65) employment rejections. Plaintiff even applied for a job selling cars and was declined. 

Wendt’s contract as superintendent began on July 1, 2016, and ended when he was fired on June 18, 2018.

Wendt was fired after a school administration employee accused him of repeated sexual harassment, verbal abuse and stalking. The accuser’s attorney Suzanne G. Clark released a lengthy statement written by the accuser in which the accuser detailed acts of sexual harassment and verbal abuse that she said Wendt committed against her. 

The accuser admits in the statement to having had a sexual relationship with Wendt after Wendt made advances toward her. She said she frequently tried to end the physical relationship with Wendt, but he stalked her, harassed her, verbally abused her and made threats against her job.

The school district has not identified the woman who made the accusations against Wendt.

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