FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (via TMZ) – Great day for Buffalo Bills running back Jonathan Williams — who fought his 2016 drunk driving arrest … AND WON.
TMZ Sports broke the story … Williams — a 5th round pick out of Arkansas in 2016 — was pulled over in Fayetteville, AR on July 14 when cops suspected he had been drinking.
Williams had admitted to drinking a 40 oz. before getting behind the wheel, but refused to take a breathalyzer … leading to his arrest. He begged cops to give him a pass because he was just drafted into the NFL.
Williams pled not guilty and took the case to trial — where prosecutors failed to prove JW was driving drunk that night. Why? We’re told the lack of a positive blood alcohol test was a factor.
We spoke with Williams’ lawyer, Shane Wilkinson, who says, “The prosecution simply didn’t have enough evidence to prove he was intoxicated.”
“Jonathan is a good person and he is glad this is behind him so he can concentrate on his family and football.”