LONOKE COUNTY, Ark. – From a life of crime to a life filled with purpose, former inmates in Lonoke County aim to make a change in their lives.

Four former inmates in the Lonoke County jail graduated from the PACT program Thursday.

PACT stands for Peers Achieving Collaborative Treatment. It’s aimed at helping inmates battling addiction by giving them the skills and resources to keep them from going back to prison.

Detective Tonya Soule with the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office said the community plays a big part in the success of the program.

“Everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone is human. we all make mistakes,” Soule said. “So we ask they back us and support us and help us and help the individuals that have been through the program and are out there trying to make a difference.”

According to the sheriff’s office, the program has about a 70 percent graduation and success rate.