Garland County Residents Mistakenly Cast Ballots for Hot Springs Mayoral Race


HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – Another snag for voters in Garland county, this time it had to do with voters casting ballots on a race they weren’t supposed to.

Gene Haley, Chair of the Garland County Election Commission says any time there’s an election there’s a lot of moving parts which leave room for error.

That’s what happened when several voters from part of Garland county mistakenly cast a ballot in the Hot Springs race for mayor. 

“There was 29 voters that voted possibly for the mayor that should not have been allowed to,” says Haley. 

The precinct in question was annexation area C.  It was initially added into the city of Hot Springs by the county clerk.  The annexation was later rescinded but the area was never removed.

“Occasionally we make mistakes unfortunately and our mistakes affect people’s votes,” says Sarah Smith, Garland County Clerk.  “It’s very unfortunate and we are working on the issues.  Hopefully we’ll continue to do better. 

Haley says the oversight was caught by a voter and quickly corrected.  Those twenty-nine votes that slipped through the cracks however, will have to be counted.

“Once that voter actually casts their ballot we can’t change it because we don’t know which one is [theirs],” says Haley. 

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