Girl Finds Her Horse Shot to Death, Sheriff’s Office Investigating


PARON, Ark — It was one of the last things Brittany Grace expected to see in a Saline County pasture last Tuesday. 

“Found her laying here,” said Grace.

Tallahassee, the horse she’d loved and cared for the last 12 years, had been found shot to death in a mud patch.

“I lost half my heart right there when I found her,” said Grace. “It’s just like how you will shoot a deer and it wasn’t an instant kill because you can tell she had struggled getting up.”

Grace has an idea of who could have pulled the trigger, but won’t go into details without hard proof.

“I just hope they get the punishment they deserve,” said Grace.

She first met Tallahassee, who she calls Tally, at the Conway County Fair in 2006. Grace bought Tallahassee with her fair winnings the very same day.

“I remember when we got her out of the horse trailer,” said Grace. “She reared up. She was crazy … Oh my gosh!”

And the two had been best friends ever since.

“She made me feel safe,” said Grace.

Grace says Tallahassee’s son, Cougar, was on the pasture with his mom when she was murdered.

“It was disturbing,” said Grace.

But whoever killed Tallahassee didn’t harm Cougar.  

“He didn’t want to leave her side at all,” said Grace.

It took her nearly an hour to pull son from mom.

“I got halfway up the road and he stopped and he whined and he called for her and I told him, yeah they don’t talk, but I said ‘She’s always going to be with you, you’ve just got to come home,'” said Grace.

Words of wisdom she’s had to share with herself, hoping whoever is responsible for Tallahassee’s death is brought to justice.

“I don’t see how people could have the heart to do that,” said Grace.

She’s since moved Cougar to another location.

The Saline County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

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