Gov. Hutchinson Requests Recall of Religious Freedom Act, Asks AR Legislature to Amend It

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LITTLE ROCK, AR – Governor Asa Hutchinson is asking the state legislature to make some changes to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that was sent to his desk on Tuesday by the Arkansas House.

In a morning news conference to address HB1228, the governor said the measure needs to mirror federal law before he can sign it.

“The legislative process is not perfect. You learn as you go along,” said Hutchinson while explaining his stance, adding “My position is clear.”

Answering questions from reporters after making his statements, the governor said he didn’t know what, if any, action the legislature would take but added that the Arkansas Senate is now discussing ways to amend the act to his requests.

Hutchinson also said he would consider using an executive order to provide protections that disallow discrimination in the workforce for the LGBT community.

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