Governor Hutchinson comments on graduations during COVID-19 pandemic


 PINE BLUFF, Ark. – As we continue to fight against the coronavirus, many students are worried about what will happen to the day many people dream for… graduation.

During today’s press conference Governor Asa Hutchinson commented on how schools should move forward with ceremonies.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit everyone hard. Including schools who were scheduled to have graduation ceremonies, but Pine Bluff High School wanted to find a way to celebrate.

The school hasn’t made a final decision on the official graduation ceremony, but Thursday some folks still celebrated when picking up their cap and gown.

“Seniors are missing out on a lot and I expect families and schools innovate a little bit so as long as they follow those rules, I think we aught to understand that,” said Governor Hutchinson.

Friday, Governor Hutchinson said although this is a special moment, state directives are in place and should be followed.

“The guidelines are there should be no gatherings more than 10 people and to have social distancing and that should be enforced in whatever social environment including graduation,” said Governor Hutchinson.

Although this is a big moment in life for seniors, everyone is making sacrifices during this national emergency.

“It’s just that’s where you risk it. There have been stories about a family birthday party with just 6 people there and all of a sudden two of them one down with COVID 19 and the dad dies. I mean that’s putting too much at risk,” said Governor Hutchinson.

Governor Hutchinson said as we approach graduation season, schools should do what they can to continue to practice social distancing.

“Please, please, let’s make sure that whatever we do, we do the social distancing and we’ve got to discipline ourselves during this time for the safety of ourselves and others,” said Governor Hutchinson.

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