Group Works To Re-Open Camping At Albert Pike

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, AR — After a deadly flash flood — four years ago — at Albert Pike Campgrounds inside the Ouachita Forest, the park closed for overnight camping.

But a group is fighting to get it re-opened.

It’s called “Save Camp Albert Pike”.

The group is organizing a rally to put a spotlight back on the park and encourage the U.S. Forest Service to re-open the campgrounds.

We talked to one group member who says this isn’t about being disrespectful.

She says it’s about moving on.

It was 2010, when 20 people died in a flash flood and overnight camping closed.

The U.S. Forest Service stopped working on Albert Pike after victims’ families filed 11 different lawsuits.

Since then, the grass and weeds started to take over.

People who grew up camping in the area say it’s a disgrace and they’re concerned the park will only get worse.

They started a Facebook group to encourage the U.S. Forest Service to fix up Albert Pike and re-open camping.

Kay New said, “We’ve waited four years to give time for healing. We don’t mean to be disrespectful to the people who died there, but there are a lot of of living people missing out on enjoying that place because just a few want it to stay closed.”

New is working on an on-line petition for people who want to support the re-opening of the campgrounds.

She’s also putting together next weekend’s rally.

It’s Saturday morning at Camp Albert Pike B-Loop at 11:30.

The park is still open for day activities like hiking and swimming, you just can’t do any overnight camping there.

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