Gun Safety Discussed Following Child’s Death

LITTLE ROCK, AR — In light of the shooting Friday involving a boy accidentally shooting his older brother, gun experts are reminding owners about the importance of gun safety.

“You need to make sure you secure it in a way to keep people from getting access to it,” said Arkansas Armory Owner Nathan House.

Along with the dozens of firearms lining display cases at the armory,lock-boxes and security accessories crowd the shelves.

“It’s important to think about how people are going to properly store their firearm,” said House.

Gun safety, even more a topic of conversation after police reported a boy accidentally shooting his older brother.
Neighbors sat the father of those boys is a Redfield officer who works the graveyard shift.  Around 10:45 Friday morning, his 5-year-old son was rushed to Arkansas Children’s Hospital where the toddler died.

Experts say there is never too much precaution when it comes to securing your weapon.

“It’s a responsibility to make sure we are keeping it from falling into somebody’s hands,” said House.

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