Harrison hospital starts Monoclonal Antibody Treatment to reduce hospitalizations for COVID-19


HARRISON, Ark. -Hospitals in the Ozarks are responding to the need for beds for COVID-19 patients and learning that the supplies they have on hand may not be enough.

Harrison’s North Arkansas Regional Medical Center is one of the area hospitals struggling to find room for COVID-19 patients.

“I called I think twenty hospitals one day trying to see if we could just get someone transferred out, and the answer was no all around. And it was a hard no. It wasn’t even a ‘here let me take your name and put it on a waiting list.’ It was just no,” says North Arkansas Regional Medical Center Dr. Brent Rosson.

Dr. Rosson says that the influx of COVID-19 patients could start impacting those needing other emergency care.

“It’s with anything. It’s with heart attacks. It’s with traumas, car wrecks. Finding them a place to go if they need to go to higher-level care is almost impossible right now,” says Dr. Rosson.

Sammie Cribs, North Arkansas Regional Medical Center’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer, says that the hospital has started to use Monoclonal Antibody treatments on COVID-19 patients to lower the number of hospitalizations due to the virus.

“We’ve given about 258 doses in the month of July, and we’ve seen less than three percent of the patients to receive that have to be admitted for hospitalization,” says Cribs.

COVID-19 patients over the age of 12 who have had mild-to-moderate symptoms for less than ten days can receive the treatment.

“A lot of what we’re seeing is patients who are having allergy-type symptoms. Go get tested. Get tested as soon as the symptoms start so that if, in fact, they are positive, we can get that monoclonal antibody onboard and hopefully reduce that hospital admission,” says Cribs.

The hospital is giving out vaccines Friday, from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and walk-ins are accepted.

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