LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Doctors at UAMS are reminding Arkansans to take proper precautions as temperatures heat up.

“Today is the first day of the year that it’s really been hot,” Little Rock resident Joe Rainey said.

Rainey bikes up and down Two Rivers Bridge in Little Rock every week.

Tuesday, he said he needed more than just a helmet to protect him on his ride.

“I’ve got my water bottle and I hydrated the night before,” said Rainey.

Doctors say everyone out in the sun this week should take the same steps as Rainey.

“Have a hat, have loose fitting clothing, and somewhere to sit down after 15 to 20 minutes of work even if you don’t necessarily feel tired,” said Dr. John Ukadike with UAMS.

Dr. Ukadike says the sudden increase in temperature could give people a false sense of safety.

“You don’t realize how warm you’re getting until sometimes it’s too late,” said Dr. Ukadike.

Doctors say heat exhaustion and heat stroke is common at the beginning of Summer, simply because of the change.

“If you’ve been sitting in the house and not doing anything and now you go out and it’s 90 degrees and you’re working in a garden, you don’t physically have that capacity that you may have had 6-8 months ago when you were out doing things,” said Dr. Ukadike.

He says its important to monitor how you’re feeling and remember taking things slow, will help you win the race.

“Keep in mind that you can’t change the heat, the only thing you can do is really take care of yourself,” said Rainey.

Doctors at UAMS say it’s important to hydrate hours before stepping outside and bring extra water with you.

If you feel lightheaded or nauseous, doctors say take a break from the heat and find some relief inside.