Heated Rhetoric During Immigration Rally at Mexican Consulate

LITTLE ROCK, AR — A big weekend of protests surrounding the immigration debate kicked off across the country Friday. 

That included here in the Natural State where there were some tense moments in Little Rock.

In a microcosm of the debate raging across the country, two sides of the immigration issue spoke passionately at the Mexican consulate.

It started with a rally organized by Americans for Legal Immigration.

“For decades now The Third World has seen fit to dump its poor and neglected and make it the responsibility of the U.S. taxpayer,” said Kenny Wallis with Keep Arkansas Legal. 

Supporters called for the federal government to step in to curb the flow of illegal immigrants coming in through the southern border.

But soon immigrant rights advocates showed up to have their voices heard.

“I think it’s shameful,” said Heather Ashton said of the other side. “What if something drastic should happen in America and we needed to go south?”

“Why do you have to protect the borders?,” questioned David Borcenas, who immigrated from Mexico 10 years ago. 

“We’re just coming here to make the jobs?”

Don Hale says he welcomes immigrants so long as they arrive legally.

“If you’re working on becoming a citizen, I’ll let you sit at my table,” he said.

As tempers flared, Little Rock Police arrived to make sure peace was maintained. 

It was, and at one point a boy standing on one side of the debate offered a prayer and was embraced by the other side.

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