Heavy Rainfall Causes Commuter Problems

LITTLE ROCK, AR —  Heavy rain is causing some areas to flood, making it tough for drivers and homeowners taking on the excess water.

Whether you’re driving in it or living near it, heavy rainfall over the past two days is coating Central Arkansas.

“Terrible,” said driver Chellie Arroyo.

Causing slick roads and massive puddles, drivers said the rain made their Friday afternoon commutes much harder.

“They’re slick definitely, especially in my truck. I am sliding everywhere,” said Arroyo.

“It’s dangerous,” added driver Linda Green.

Green says she’s seen just how bad it can get when it pours like this.

“I saw an accident one time, it was really scary. She turned over right in front of me after hitting a puddle of water,” said Green.

Off road flooding has become the new lawn ornament.

“At one time I thought it was just like a young lake,” said a homeowner we spoke to known as ‘Ruthie’. “It’s not good. A lot almost came to the front porch,” she said.

Little Rock road officials say they spent most of the day using special equipment to unclog storm drainage systems. With three weeks of winter storms also behind us, drivers and homeowners agree they just want this soggy streak to end.

“I’m ready for springtime and sunlight,” said Ruthie.

“We went from the snow to the rain. When will we get the sunlight?” asked Driver Cameron Stewart.

Road officials say drive slowly, there have been reports of hydroplaning accidents. You’re reminded to give the driver in front of you some room and make sure you have enough room to stop.

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