Heber Springs Domino’s customer wins free pizza for a year


HEBER SPRINGS, Ark. (News Release) — Domino’s Pizza Heber Springs conducted a community-wide, “Find the Noid” scavenger hunt, culminating in the winner receiving free pizza for a year. Domino’s Pizza stores strive to engage in each community they reside. The Heber Springs store hosted the scavenger hunt to provide a fun-filled event in which residents could come together and participate.

The Noid was found by Brad Andrews who won free pizza for a year. The next 20 participants, who were not the first to find the noid, but who solved each clue, were awarded with a free, large pizza.

The “Find the Noid” scavenger hunt consisted of a series of clues posted on the Domino’s Pizza Heber Springs Facebook page which led participants to the websites of local businesses and organizations, including a grocery store and a historical society, where participants found a word. Each word was then used to piece together a sentence revealing the final clue– and the location of the Noid.

The “Find the Noid” theme derived from the popular Domino’s Pizza commercials “Avoid the Noid,” which originally aired in the 1980s. The Noid was featured as the antagonist, wearing a red, rabbit-eared body suit with the letter N inscribed on its chest. The Noid persistently attempted to foil successful pizza deliveries. Though determined, the Noid was consistently unable to prevent Domino’s Pizza from delivering delicious food in 30
minutes or less.

Brent Medders, an Arkansas Domino’s Pizza franchise owner, built his career from the ground-up, beginning as a pizza deliverer while he was a college student; now owning and operating over a dozen locations. He has lived in Arkansas for more than 20 years and is passionate about developing Domino’s Pizza stores throughout Northwest Arkansas, the River Valley and Central Arkansas.

While continuous improvement and providing quality meals is an important aspect of Domino’s Pizza stores, the principal goal is to incorporate a welcoming, friendly place where residents may engage. Domino’s Pizza is excited about, and energized by, the Heber Springs community and is committed to consistently providing Heber Springs a
positive environment and excellent dining options.

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