Hero Helps Police Officer


JUDSONIA, Ark.- A White county man is being called a hero after helping a police officer who was in a tough spot.

John Blake saw a Judsonia police officer get into a scuffle with a man he pulled over during a traffic stop, so he sprang into action to help.

“I think everyone should be that way,” says Blake, “especially [to] help someone in uniform for sure.”

Early Monday morning Blake was asleep when he heard a police siren go off outside of his home. 

“It was enough to wake me so I looked out the window,” says Blake.

He watched as things between the police officer and the person he pulled over escalated. 

“I guess he ran his license or something and they got in between the cars, and then they went to the ditch,” says Blake.

When he saw the two wrestling, Blake ran outside to help.  It was something that Judsonia Police Chief Ray Coffman says came at the right time for the young officer.

“I’m glad he was there,” says Chief Coffman.

Chief Coffman says that type of situation comes with their line of work.

“That’s why a lot of officers have problems, because one minute you’re down here taking it easy and the next minute you’re up here, fighting for your life,” says Coffman.

The chief says he hasn’t gotten a chance to speak with Blake yet, but when he does he’ll thank him for his quick actions. 

As for Blake, he says it’s the least he could do.

“They do it on a daily basis, and we don’t,” says Blake.  “They protect and serve us so we should do the same for them.”

The officer didn’t suffer any serious injuries and the suspect is now facing charges of resisting arrest and battery.

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