Honorary Diplomas Awarded to Two Students Killed in I-30 Car Accident


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. –One Little Rock charter school is remembering two students who were killed in a car accident last week.

Sitting on a table in the front of Siatech Charter School in Little Rock, two pictures – each with a sash and medallion. “I try to be strong but it’s hard,” says Joy Stotts.

As she sits at the school where her son – Ohmod Lewis – once roamed the halls, she remembers the moment police delivered the news no mother should ever have to hear. “She said ma’am Ohmod was in a tragic accident and didn’t make it,” says Stotts. “And next thing you know I was on the ground.”

18-year old Lewis – and 17-year old Armani Jones were driving together down  I- 30 on Thursday night – when their car hydroplaned – crashing into the woods. “Our graduations are already small so to lose two together in the same wreck, that’ s my first experience with that,” says Siatech Charter School director, Katie Hatley.

Hatley says the two were well known around the school. “These two girls were the life of the school, getting ready to graduate,” says Hatley. “It’s just kind of unbelievable that they were in class one day and the next day they were no longer with us,” says Lameria Triplett.

With just weeks before graduation – two mothers – and a school community mourning the death of two students. “Ms. Hatley and a few of the teachers here came to my house and brought me my babies cap and gown,” says Stotts. “Everyone just let me know how much they loved my baby and how my baby was the light of the party.”

Both leaving a legacy in the halls – for everyone who knew and loved them best. Lewis’s mom says Armani and Ohmod will be having their wake together on Friday from 5:30 to 7 at First Baptist Church in North Little Rock. Both students will also be getting an honorary diploma from the school.

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