Hot Springs woman accused of vandalizing neighbor’s car faces charges

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HOT SPRINGS, Ark.- A Hot Springs woman is facing charges after police say witnesses saw her vandalizing a neighbor’s car.

Hot Springs Police responded to a criminal mischief call just before 7 a.m. Monday on the 400 block of Pullman Ave.

An officer says a man was standing next to his 2000 Toyota Four Runner, and the officer saw the headlights, taillights were damaged and all windows, doors, wheels and tires had been spraypainted.

According to a report from Hot Springs Police, the damage to the vehicle was approximately $4,000.

The man also says he found a letter on his front porch that said, “Don’t f*** with my money, waited too many years, enough of you b*****, want my $320.00, if I don’t hear from you be getting in court soon, put in mail box, don’t care to see your ugly p****, then you will left alone.”

The man told police he believed his neighbor, Carolyn Chambers vandalized his sport utility vehicle.

He told police that a branch broke and fell on a fence that belonged to both him and Chambers. According to the report, the insurance company determined the tree is healthy, the man would not have to pay for the fence. The man told police that he believed this caused the neighbor to become aggressive towards him.

The man had also made a report the day before about his SUV being egged.

While the officer was speaking with the victim, two women came up and said they saw the Toyota being vandalized.

The women said they saw Chambers hitting the Toyota with a chain and spray painting the car around 5:20 Monday morning. Both women said they didn’t call the police because they feared Chambers would retaliate.

According to the report, officers approached Chambers, who was sitting on her porch, and she refused to speak to them.

An officer saw a can of black spray paint, and Chambers was arrested, the report states.

Chambers faces first-degree criminal mischief.

According to records, Chambers is no longer in jail.

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