Hot Springs Woman Escapes Possible Attacker


HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – A woman says a man in Hot Springs aggressively tried to break into her car while she was inside. 

She says around 4:30 Wednesday morning she was dropping off her boyfriend at a co-worker’s house so they could get to work in Little Rock. 

She says a man appeared in her rear window and ran around to her back seat. She says he tried to open her doorknob, but it was locked. He then banged on her driver’s side window. 

“I’m surprised he didn’t break it,” Davis said. 

She says there was a car driving down Higdon Ferry Road and she couldn’t immediately pull away. 

“He was trying to get in my back seat to hurt me or tell me to go somewhere in the car,” Davis said. 

Instead of sitting there, she decided to pull out in front of the other car. Frightened and shaken up, she drove home. 

She says a friend called police, but they didn’t immediately fill out an official report. 

She posted about it on Facebook warning others of what she experienced. 

“If you have a gut feeling, lock your doors and if you leave somewhere lock your doors,” Davis said. 

She’s glad she had a hunch to flip her locks on. 

She says the apartment complex reached out to her asking how they can keep this from happening again. 

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