ARKADELPHIA, AR — The executive director of the Arkadelphia Housing Authority is facing rape accusations from an alleged victim claiming he went to his office to talk about a possible job opening.

Frederick Hatley, 56, is being investigated on charges of rape after officers arrested him last week.

On Wednesday, his car still sat in the spot marked ‘Executive Director’ in front of the Housing Authority in Arkadelphia.

Hatley declined to talk about the rape accusation and wouldn’t leave his office.

It’s the same office where the 21-year-old alleged victim says the rape happened.
Word spread quickly of the allegations.

“I was scared because most people around here have sons and hearing about that is just bad,” said Satchet Humphries. “It’s not safe because he has keys to these houses, and I have a little brother. Scary.”

Humphries worries about the implications of the man having so much access to the area.

According to Arkadelphia Police reports, the victim claims a professional conversation about the job opening turned personal when Hatley began inquiring about the victim’s past sexual relationships.

The victim says he became very uncomfortable and tried to leave when Hatley said he had a loaded pistol in his desk.

Before he could get out, however, the victim told police Hatley pinned him against a filing cabinet against his will, pulled down his pants and sodomized him.

Police say Hatley has repeatedly denied having any sexual contact, consensual or otherwise, with the victim and voluntarily provided a DNA sample for comparison.

According to police arrest warrants for Hatley, a rape kit examination was done on the victim and two DNA samples were found. One was the victim’s and the other Hatley’s.

Hatley is out of jail on a $75,000 bond. His next court appearance will be Oct. 29.