How long will it take?


When a complaint is registered with the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for a violation of federal housing laws the Secretary will confirm the complaint with the person who filed it within ten days. At the same time, the Secretary will serve a notice to the landlord that a complaint has been filed. Both parties then have ten days to respond to the Secretary. Within One-Hundred days of this, the Secretary will conduct an investigation unless it’s not possible to do so. Over the course of this time, the Secretary will serve to mediate between the two parties to resolve the conflict. Once a reconciliation agreement has been reached the case is considered complete. If it comes to the attention of the Secretary that the reconciliation agreement has been violated, a civil action may be filed. The office of the Attorney General of the United States is then required to begin proceedings with a civil suit within 30 days of notification from the Secretary. This is the process for a complaint filed for a violation of federal policy. Each state has separate laws regarding housing policy, including different timelines for complaints. For more information about how long it takes to finish a complaint, contact a real estate lawyer in your area.

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