Huckabee Continues “Factories, Farms & Freedom” Tour in Iowa

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on the campaign trail over 600 miles away from central Arkansas but still seeing familiar faces in the crowd.

The former Arkansas governor spoke in Sioux City, Iowa early this morning then quickly left there and traveled to Cedar Rapids.

Huckabee says it’s a different scene than eight years ago when he says he had more people in his campaign than supporters who would show up to the event.

Governor Huckabee made his final stop in Iowa on this two day swing at Pizza Ranch in Cedar Rapids. Supporters and media packed the room.

And the crowd is not just limited to those who call Iowa home. He did have supporters from Arkansas there and all across the country there to greet him.

Today Huckabee called himself a capital C capitalist and suggest people make their money the old fashioned way rather than depending on the government.

“I just want people who are going out there sweating through their socks every day to know that working hard is not going to cause them to be worse off than if they had stayed home sitting on their hands, and waiting for the government to come and take care of them,” Huckabee said.

But in Iowa, a state he considers similar to his own he’s preaching to the choir. It remains to be seen if the down home blue collar vibe will hold up elsewhere.

He won the Iowa caucuses in 2008 but support slowed down though the rest of his campaign. He says hes more well known this time around and will raise more money.

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