Hunting big game


Big game hunting remains a popular and exciting sport, especially with hunting expeditions. Big game generally includes deer, large-horned animals such as elk, moose, and caribou, big cats, bears, sheep, and goats. The most popular and widespread big game by far is the whitetail deer. Most other big game animals are less widespread and are limited to the Rocky Mountains and Canada. Some exotic big game species from around the world are kept on hunting ranches and are increasingly popular with some hunters. Rifles are the most commonly used firearm in hunting big game although bow hunting is also practiced. You should be properly trained in the use and care of a firearm. A good place to start is a hunter training course. Always practice shooting before the season opens. Determine the farthest distance you can accurately and consistently shoot. Shots attempted outside this distance can unnecessarily injure large game. If you will be hunting from a stand, then practice target shooting from a stand before the hunting season. When hunting big game animals, you must follow the laws and regulations regarding hunting seasons, limits, and hunting methods. Also, make sure you have the proper licenses and permits. Remember, regulations ensure safe and fair hunting for all hunters. For more information on big game hunting, contact a sporting goods or hunting store in your area.

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