Hunting dog breeds


Hunting or sporting dogs are used primarily for retrieving or tracking game and are made up of over twenty-four breeds. The major hunting breed groups are Pointers, Setters, Retrievers, and Spaniels. Pointers and Setters are used to track and detect birds or animals, and indicate their location to the hunter by assuming a rigid stance. Retrievers are trained to retrieve waterfowl and other birds, and are exceptional in the water. Spaniels are useful for hunting on both land and in water. The type of hunting dog you should use depends not only on the type of game, but also the climate and environment in which you are hunting. If you purchase a dog specifically for hunting, it is important to invest in the proper training for the animal. Most states, counties, or local authorities have rules concerning the use of hunting dogs, so be sure to note and follow these regulations. For more information on hunting dogs, contact a sporting goods or hunting supply store in your area.

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