Inaugural Ball Underway to Celebrate AR’s 46th Governor

LITTLE ROCK, AR – The state of Arkansas has a new governor tonight. Asa Hutchinson was sworn in on Tuesday as the state’s 46th elected governor.

And tonight is the big party. The Inaugural Ball is being held at the Statehouse Convention Center with an expected 1,800 guests.

Flowers and proud supporters filled the banquet hall to celebrate Governor Asa Hutchinson and the first lady of Arkansas.

“We are thankful to be here, with so many people from all walks of life,” says Avery Page.

Many have cheered him on since the beginning.

“I’m excited to be here, we worked hard hours to make this happen. I’m excited to be a party of it and to have helped get Asa elected,” says Campaign Field Director Mitchell Bivens.

They say the ball is a chance to celebrate their shared victory, with the red and white theme and ornate decor.

“It’s such a clear display of patriotism,” says Anna Broadaway.

All of it is designed to usher in a new day in the state of Arkansas and the state’s new leader.

“What is it like getting to this point today?” FOX16 reporter Brittney Johnson asks.

“Incredible in one word. We talk about excitement leading up to everything, tonight you walk in and see everything that’s happened.” says Communications Director J.R. Davis.

After a week of inaugural events this is the big party they’ve been waiting for. To take photos, dance and dine,
and look forward to the next four years with Governor Hutchinson at the helm.

“We are so excited to celebrate him and looking so forward to things he’s going to do for Arkansas and for all of the great people in the state,” says Broadway.

This room is filled with other elected officials from Little Rock board members, state reps and community organizers who say they’ve talked to Governor Hutchinson about his plans for the state.

They’re looking forward to working together to create a better Arkansas.

The real work begins tomorrow.

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