Inflatable boats and rafts


There are a number of inflatable boats and rafts available, but there’s a big difference between an inflatable that’s all right for a quiet pond, and one designed for more robust endeavors. When using inflatables, it’s vital that you match it to your ability and the type of water you’ll be in. One of the most confusing features about inflatable watercraft is their capacity rating. What makes the capacity so confusing is that ratings given to recreational inflatables are very similar to the ratings that are given survival inflatables. For example, a 5-man survival raft will float five people on the ocean. Yes, they’ll be crowded together, but the craft will keep them up until rescued. However, an inflatable river raft with a five man rating, can only handle two people with minimal equipment, so buy accordingly. The same applies to weight ratings ? the figures you see are maximums.

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